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Wednesday, November 7th, 2018

Made to measure

Winter is one of those times when our skin is not always true to type. By mixing and matching from the four skin type ranges within SP Skincare, you can create the perfect bespoke facial for each and every client.




For everyone

There’s no point pulling out all the stops when it comes to the products you use to create in a bespoke facial, if your clients’ face isn’t completely cleansed first. Way too often we see therapists doing a quick dip and swipe with a couple of cotton pads pre-facial; instead, you need to assess the skin. Is your client wearing makeup, or just a touch of SPF?
A full cleanse is essential, and a double cleanse always works. First apply our Cleanser for Combination Skin; it contains nourishing Avocado oil, which will swipe away dirt and any excess oil. Next, use our Micellar Water Cleanser to remove all traces of the first cleanse. Once all traces of makeup have been removed, it’s time to treat that skin!

Be specific

We’re in the final two months of the year, and what does that mean for most of us? Increased social activity! Those last-minute catch-ups with friends you haven’t seen all year, those countless after work drinks and of course, the office Christmas party, are all sources of fun, but they also signify more time spent drinking and indulging and less time spent taking care of our skin. Add to this the growing number of people admitting to feeling anxious about attending so many events, and it’s easy to understand why many of your clients are going through a breakout of some sort.
Clients with dry skin might be experiencing hormone-related acne, while clients with acne might be suffering from dry, patchy areas. Others with oily skin might be finding that those oil glands are going into overdrive and those suffering from Rosacea might reach the end of their skincare tether. The best way forward is to take a gentle approach. Talk to your clients about the issue that’s bothering them most, and prescribe a facial to suit. Find out what products they’re using at home; the winter is a time when many women switch to Retinoids and Acids, so be sure to work in facial products that work with what your client’s already using.







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Friday, October 26th, 2018

Trick then treat

Since originating from the Celtic festival of Samhain, where people lit bonfires and wore gruesome costumes to scare away ghosts, the holiday we know as Halloween has become an opportunity for those in the beauty industry to explore their talents to the full, creating gore-tastic Halloween looks. Here we share our fave SP products to ensure a skin-friendly time.

Clean tools = less breakouts
Without regular cleaning, your brushes can become dry and brittle, which not only renders them useless, but also damages the skin, especially as dirty brushes turn into a bacteria breeding ground.
Try: Our Makeup Brush Cleaner for a lovely, deep clean. It contains a gentle solvent that’s ideal for removing makeup build-up from brushes, keeping them soft. If you’re in between clients on this busy holiday, use our Makeup Brush Cleansing Spray to help loosen dirt and grease quickly and efficiently!


Taking it all off
Once the party’s over, it’s all about taking the makeup and face paint off, without any tugging or rubbing.
Try: Our popular Deep Cleansing Cream, which contains Lavender oil to help soothe and calm skin, and ultra-nourishing Shea Butter, which not only helps to reduce inflammation but also deeply moisturises and protects the skin. Perfect for a post-Halloween cleanse!


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Tuesday, October 23rd, 2018

Patch Testing – a no-nonsense guide to how and when.

Here at SP we often get asked about the right and wrong way to carry out patch tests. While there’s always an element of ‘common sense’ when it comes to protecting your clients, and therefore protecting your business, we know that not everyone is aware of the how’s and most importantly, the why. Read on to catch up on the guidelines for the Strictly Professional Eyelash Tint Range.

Strictly Professional Eyelash Tints are one of the biggest-selling eyelash and brow tint ranges used by beauty professionals throughout the UK and Ireland. To keep the message brief: it is always recommended that patch tests be carried out prior to every treatment. We know that your clients might find it an inconvenience, and we know that some practitioners might even think that testing is wasteful, but nothing is more damaging to your reputation than that one time you don’t bother testing and your client has an awful reaction.


In the first instance, it’s important to carry out a patch test on every customer prior to their eyelash or brow tint treatments to ensure customer safety and comfort. In rare instances, regular treatments and use of dyes on the skin may result in an allergic reaction without warning, therefore it is best to be safe and test every single time.


Also, patch testing is necessary for any therapist to show compliance with the terms of their professional indemnity insurance requirements and to avoid any potentially awkward legal complications should patch testing not be carried out.


Where a client is reluctant to have a patch test, politely explain that it is not only for their own safety but also to protect you as a beauty professional and your business.


Strictly Professional Eyelash Tints are for professional use only.


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Thursday, October 11th, 2018

Everyone deserves great skin

No matter what the economy is going through, one thing’s for sure – we never stop spending money on taking care of our skin. And we’re not just talking about women; so far in 2018, 25 percent of men are spending around £20 per month on skincare products – not taking into account barber appointments and spa treatments. Here we’ve selected some of the most men-friendly products in the Strictly Professional skincare range.


#1 Micellar Water Cleanser

This product is still relatively new for us, but it’s already proven to be a major hit with women and men. We put this down to how its gentle formula keeps skin feeling clean and soft, with zero tightness. Slowly but surely, men are learning that astringent products aren’t always the best way to keep spots at bay. As a beauty therapist, you’re in prime position to show your male clients how a gentle, consistent cleansing method is the best way to ensure soft skin. Show them how to use the Micellar Water Cleanser all over, ahead of their usual face wash, and they’ll soon see the results.


#2 Facial Exfoliant

Everyone needs a physical exfoliant in their skincare arsenal, men even more so! Without proper exfoliation, there is an increased risk of ingrown hairs, which can often result in swollen pimples, and worse still, infected areas that can often lead to long-term scarring. There’s no need to exfoliate every day, but if your male clients prefer to use it daily, our gentle formula means they won’t over-scrub. With peach oil to keep skin smooth, and natural olive stone granules ensuring effective exfoliation, this is a brilliant addition to any man’s bathroom shelf. There’s also a Sensitive option, with soothing Aloe.

#3 Face Mask
Type in #manmask or #mangrooming on Instagram and you’ll see thousands of men taking the concepts of ‘me time’ and ‘self care’ more seriously. Masking is a great way to improve your skin, but also, it means you have to sit down for 10-20 minutes, and in our increasingly hectic lives, there’s nothing wrong with that!
Within our SP range there are four masks to suit each skin type. For Normal to Dry skin there’s softening Cotton and Blue Lotus Flower; for Combination, there’s Purple Ginseng and White Tea; for those with mature skin there’s our Dry/Plus range featuring nourishing Starflower, and for Sensitive types there’s Mallow Flower and Aloe.


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Wednesday, September 26th, 2018

On the double

Gone are the days of washing your face with your mum’s favourite soap; today, one product just doesn’t seem to cut it, so we’re double cleansing for a more in-depth dose of clean. Here’s why.


First comes the oil…

Using an oil to cleanse the skin has multiple benefits:

It dissolves makeup with zero irritation, which is great for those with sensitive skin.

It cleanses gently. As we move away from more harsh, foaming cleansers, oil is great for sweeping away dirt.

Like attracts like: when you use oil or an oil-based cleanser on your clients’ skin, after massaging it in, you then need to wipe or wash it away with warm water. When you wipe away the cleansing oil, you’re also taking away excess oil in your clients’ skin. Oils and dirt in the skin bind to the cleansing oil making it super easy to wash or wipe them away.

It’s great for all skin types and does not affect the pH level in the skin.
Try: our Combination Skin Cleanser; it’s a gorgeously gentle, softening cleanser that contains Avocado, well-known for its nourishing properties.

Second cleanse…

Depending on your clients’ requirements, the second cleanse could be:

A Micellar Water Cleanser; it’s super gentle as it contains tiny particles of oil that are suspended in the skin-softening water. You can use this immediately on the skin after oil cleansing, or wash away the remainder of the oil before going over the skin with a Micellar Water Cleanser.

A gentle foaming cleanser; not all foaming cleansers are created equal! Some are excessively harsh, so make sure you do your research and take a look at the ingredients. A mildly foaming cleanser is okay, but anything that promises tons of bubbles is a no-no. That lather will only strip away all the good oils left in the skin, leaving it feeling dry and irritable.
A jelly/gel-based cleanser; these contain similar ingredients to contact lens cleaning fluid and micellar water products, meaning they’re ultra gentle. Opting for a gel-based final cleanse will leave skin feeling soft and ready for the next steps in your clients’ skincare regime.
Try: our Micellar Water Cleanser – it’s been a huge hit with salon and spa owners who want to treat their clients’ skin to a cleanser that won’t strip or irritate skin.



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