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Tuesday, March 26th, 2019


Our favourite trend to come out of major beauty-influencer Korea, has to be glass skin, which first came onto the global scene two years ago but is still making waves! Here’s how to get it using SP skincare.

What is Glass Skin?
Glass skin is all about making the skin as luminous, glowing and clear as possible. While makeup is definitely involved in achieving that final glassy look, things really start to come together at the skincare stage. So, where do you start?

First of all, it’s about assessing the state of the skin – are there large pores, or is there an issue with active acne or scarring? These are things that can be dealt with around Step 4 (below). Whatever the starting point, the first step to glass skin is all about the cleanse.

Step 1: Take it all off with our Micellar Water Cleanser. This is our top-seller for a reason! It’s a great first step to cleansing – but also makes a fab second cleanse if you’ve gone in with an oil-based product first. If you’re using it as a first cleanse, make sure to follow up with a gel-based cleansing gel. If you use the oil first, go in with the Micellar Water after. Basically, you MUST cleanse twice!

Step 2: Next, take your pick from our selection of toners; Normal/Dry, Sensitive, Combination or Dry/Plus+. If you’re not sure which one to go for, opt for Sensitive, as it suits every type of skin, or go for Combination, as it contains Witch Hazel, an amazing natural toner. We’ve also got the gorgeous scented Orange Flower Water – again, great for sensitive skin. Swipe over the skin swiftly and gently for the first dose of hydration.

Orange Flower Water
Orange Flower Water available in 150ml and 500ml sizes

Step 3: Hydrate! Choose the right moisturiser for your – or your clients’ – skin and apply a generous amount. Really massage it in to get skin glowing. Next, follow up with SPF. That’s a no-brainer.

Step 4: Every other day, add this fourth step in. Apply a hydrating or detoxing face mask, depending on what the skin needs. This extra step will ensure that all the other efforts you’re making don’t go to waste! Try our Facial Exfoliant at least once a week, and then mix up a hydrating detox mask from our Kaolin Clay, Glycerin and Rose Water on the other masking days.

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Tuesday, March 19th, 2019

Invest in Rest

Strictly Professional has now officially welcomed our brand new Massage Oil (with extra virgin olive oil) under our umbrella of popular body and massage products. Sometimes life throws you lemons, however this is the perfect excuse for all you well deserved men and women to get yourself booked in for an indulgent massage treatment to relax your mind and keep your soul happy! Loving yourself and taking time to treat number one is so important for your well-being; this luxurious Massage Oil will envelope your mind and body in absolute bliss…


Our new Massage Oil boasts many benefits and properties. Firstly, it is 100% Vegan friendly and 100% natural. If this isn’t enough to shout about, then the extra pro’s will definitely get you wanting our newcomer in your salon! It works alongside ingredients such as Lavender and Wheatgerm as a natural moisturiser, perfect for dried out skin in this colder weather. Not only does this product feel great and relaxing, it contains antioxidant and anti-aging properties too…

Health and Mind

Your first thought might be the benefits of this product contribute to just your body, right? Wrong! The ingredients which form this oil are well known to help repair tissue, boost your nervous system, fight fat accumulation and aid aches and pains, however this oil also contains properties which help reduce anxiety, restlessness and insomnia to keep you being the best version of you.

Wednesday, March 13th, 2019

Spring cleaning!

It doesn’t matter what makeup looks clients are planning to play with, or if they’re hoping to experiment with this acid or that oil if they’re not cleansing properly first. Meet the SP range of cleansers…

SP Skincare

Our skincare line has four signature cleansers; Normal/Dry, Dry/Plus+, Combination and Sensitive. Each cleanser has been designed to give a full, nourishing cleanse and can be used alone, or as a first cleanse. Spring can be a tough time for skin – the weather’s temperamental and often, so is your clients’ skin. A good option for confused skin is to use our Sensitive Cleanser; it’s gentle enough to not disturb the skin’s natural balance, but will cleanse skin thoroughly, leaving it ready for a hydrating treatment. For those with normally oily skin who are suddenly feeling a little dry, our Dry/Plus+ is a good, indulgent treat that cleanses without leaving any oily or greasy residue on the skin. A great way to ensure skin is super clean and ready for the next stage in a skincare regime, is to swipe over our best-selling Micellar Water Cleanser. Used daily it reduces build-up on the skin and is a great way to give skin an extra dose of hydration. No need to rinse; just swipe and move on to your favourite serum or moisturiser!

SP Facial Treatment

For a bespoke facial, it’s a good idea to prescribe a blend of some of our favourite ingredients. For clients who need an ultra-deep cleanse, try mixing our Kaolin Powder into a nourishing, detox facial. Kaolin is amazing for pulling dirt and debris from the skin, and forms the perfect canvas to apply a hydrating, or brightening treatment. For clients who need a little exfoliation along with a deep clean, add some of our Fine Oatmeal for gentle buffing. Finally, for those who need a little extra help in combatting oily areas, Fullers Earth is brilliant at absorbing oil and improving the tone of skin with long-term usage.

Photo Credit: Charissekenion.com

Friday, March 1st, 2019

Building Beauty

The beauty industry is built upon a cascade of treatments; Manicures, Pedicures and HD Brows galore! None of these would be possible without the fundamental tools needed to perform and perfect these procedures. With most businesses showering in a successive mass of clients leading up to summer time, professionals need to armour up with the tools, implements and accessories durable and high quality enough to get the best possible results!

Gold, Silver, Bronze

At the top of our leader board we have:

1. Strictly Professional Manicure Sticks 6”-Pk of 10; this popular product has earnt its gold throne at the top with sales going through the roof this year! It has two different ends for variety and convenience depending on treatment and is the winner for the most in demand Implement or Accessory in our entire range. Fabulous for college students during training and for professional salon treatments too.

2. Strictly Professional Mask Removing Sponge- Pk of 2 comes in at a close second! Everybody wants beautiful, flawless skin, right? So we need to make sure it’s taken care of and dealt with delicately. Our Sponges are just the right dose of soft and foamy to be kind to your skin and with 2 in a pack you can’t go too wrong… Silver spot well taken!

3. Strictly Professional Disposable Mascara Brushes- Pk of 25; this product rounds in at a respectful bronze. With SP tints being one of our most popular products to perform lash and brow treatments with, it comes as no shock that this product has made our top three. We are all aware in the beauty industry that the treatment is the first step, but the aftercare is just as important… Our Disposable Mascara Brushes are perfect for your clients to take care of their lashes and brows after treatments (with 25 a pack of perfectly soft, bristled brushes, this product is definitely another beauty box must have)!

Balloon Image Credit: Unsplash.com

Tuesday, February 26th, 2019

What’s in it?

Over the next few blogs we’re breaking down exactly why certain ingredients are a no-brainer when it comes to including them in our skincare range. First up, we’re focused on Cotton.

Cotton is something that we use every single day, whether that’s in the clothes we wear or the materials we use to clean our homes, even our faces. But when it comes to beauty, it provides more than just a comfy cleansing solution.

Cotton extract

Over the years cotton has found its way into many skincare products, at all price points. Both cotton extract and cotton oil hold many benefits when it comes to our skin – they both contain those all-important Omega 3 fatty acids – vital for healthy, hydrated skin – but they also contain Vitamin E and antioxidants which together help keep skin soft and moisturised, while also reducing inflammation and soothing any redness or irritation. Today, cotton is featured in everything from foaming facial cleansers to coloured lip balms and crayons.          

Did you know?
Many products that use Cotton as a key ingredient will also be formulated without parabens or phthalates, making them safer for everyone’s skin.

Which SP products include White Cotton?
Within our SP Skincare range, our Normal/Dry Moisturiser and Normal/Dry Face Mask both contain extracts of cotton.

Cotton image credit: unsplash.com