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Wednesday, June 5th, 2019

Feel the benefits

Every brand has its hero products, and our Body Lotion with Cocoa Butter is definitely one of ours! Read on to find out why.

Body Lotion with Cocoa Butter
Prod codes: 500ml = SPB0210
1 ltr = SPB0215

What’s in it?
Cocoa butter has been relied upon for centuries when it comes to giving dry skin what it really needs; hydration. The reason it does such a great job of keeping skin moisturised and smooth is because it consists of both emollient and humectant substances. Emollients are used to soften the skin and smooth down any scaly, dry areas while also offering a layer of protection, while humectants bond with water molecules to increase the skin’s water content – helping the skin to retain moisture and stay softer for longer.

As well as being an amazing moisturiser, cocoa butter is rich in natural plant compounds called phytochemicals. Phytochemicals are said to improve blood flow to the skin, leaving it smooth and glowing, and are also believed to protect against sun damage. While it’s known for its skin-defending qualities, for many years people across the globe have also used the purest cocoa butter to repair damaged skin; applying it directly to scarred areas on a daily basis has indeed been found to reduce rough skin texture and soften skin tone, making scars less noticeable over time.

It’s a fantastic product to use to hydrate skin before holidays and to keep tanned skin moisturised after a holiday. So, rather than asking yourself why you should be using our Body Lotion, it’s more a question of; why aren’t you?

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Tuesday, May 28th, 2019


Did you know that we have a wide range of waxes – and more on the way? While we can’t share the new ones with you just yet, read on to find out about our top sellers.

Flexi Wax

Try our Flexi-Wax Pack, which gives you everything you need to get started. Including After Wax Gel with Tea Tree and Peppermint, Pre Wax Lotion, After Wax Oil and much more, this pack also features our best-selling Flexi Wax. Flexi Wax is our go-to when it comes to intimate waxing of the under arm and bikini area and can be removed without the use of strips.

Luxury Crème Wax

Gorgeously soft, our Luxury Crème range comes in three options. Choose from Lavender Oil, anti-inflammatory Calendula Oil or antiseptic Tea Tree Oil. While the Lavender version is perfect for those with sensitive skin, the Calendula version is ideal for those with coarser hair and Tea Tree is great for clients prone to ingrowing hairs.

Luxury Warm Wax

Our Luxury Warm Wax has added rose oil to soothe and calm the skin. An excellent all-over option!

As well as having this gorgeous-smelling array of waxes, we also have all the kit you’ll need; from wax heaters, pre- and post-wax lotions and gels, strips, spatulas and more! You can view our complete wax range here or our full product catalogue online here.

By the way, Treatwell recently launched the #LifeSavingWax campaign, in partnership with Public Health England, to encourage beauty therapists to talk about the importance of cervical screenings with their intimate waxing clients. Find out how you might just save a life by visiting https://www.treatwell.co.uk/inspiration/lifesavingwax/?mkt_params=GC~x_LC~lifesavingwax_PM~hp-2_CM~lsw

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Wednesday, May 8th, 2019

Summer prep!

Tanning goals range from client to client but whatever their needs, one thing remains true; the key to a glowing, lasting tan is in the skin preparation.

A smooth canvas

Think of the skin as your canvas. When clients are booking for any kind of tanning treatment, encourage them to come in earlier for an exfoliation session. Our Body Exfoliant is ideal to give the best start possible for a flawless, glowing tan. At the very least, encourage clients to start exfoliating in the days before their appointment. Exfoliation not only helps to remove dry skin cells but also stimulates new cell growth. Add to this a waxing appointment, and you’ll be ensuring that you’ve got the perfect foundation to build a beautiful tan.

For skin smoothing benefits, try: our Body Exfoliant; not only does this invigorating blend of Lavender and Rosemary encourage cell turnover, it also gets the blood pumping, meaning skin looks brighter and fresher. Use liberally on wet skin for best results.

Try: our Luxury Crème Wax with Lavender Oil or Flexi Wax Rose Pellets for delicate skin areas. Follow with one of our after-wax lotions or after-wax oil to soothe the skin post-treatment.

Softer for longer

The next step to ensuring a longer-lasting tan is to keep the skin hydrated and smooth. Let clients know about the benefits of staying moisturised. Hydrated skin instantly looks healthier and more glowing and also helps to maintain any kind of tan (whether it’s real or fake).

Try: Our Cocoa Butter Body Lotion for intensely-moisturised skin. Not only does it smell dreamy, it’s rich, yet light, and keeps skin conditioned all day long.

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Monday, April 29th, 2019


For clients who like to squeeze in a quick sunbed session before their holidays, our UVA Accelerator Cream gives so many benefits. Read on to find out more about this pros-only product.

What’s in it? 

Peach kernel: This humble ingredient gives us a super-light oil that suits all skin types, therefore giving hydration where it’s really needed. Rich antioxidants C and E are found in Peach Kernel oil, making them your allies when it comes to slowing the signs of ageing down.

Cocoa butter: Rich in natural phytochemicals, Cocoa Butter truly is nature’s super-nourishing ingredient. Commonly thought to reduce signs of ageing by protecting the skin against the sun’s harmful UV rays, it’s also renowned for its moisture-boosting properties, and offers ultra-soothing softness.

What’s it good for?

Anyone who likes to use a sunbed but doesn’t want to spend too much time in it! This tan accelerator does what it says on the tin; it speeds up the tanning process, all while feeding the skin hydration and helping to reduce signs of ageing. It should only be used in conjunction with safe tanning.

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Friday, April 5th, 2019

Love can (Pedi) cure all!

Love is the ambit of laughter, sunny vacays, smiles and of course, pampering yourself! What feels better than treating yourself to a beauty treatment? Read on to find out how you can look and feel your best from head to toe!


Starting from the bottom upwards, you can’t forget to glam up those toes; not only does a pedicure make your feet look amazing, this treatment also promotes circulation and helps relieve tension in the calves and feet. Try our popular Pedicure Exfoliant to help remove dead skin; this encourages cell growth and makes feet smoother and more aesthetically pleasing.

The Full Package

If you want the full package and ultimate foot bliss, you must try our Pedicure Care Kit! It contains all the must haves for a full Pedicure treatment… All of the products in this range contain essential oils Lavender and Peppermint which promote relaxation and have a refreshing, cooling affect. Our popular formulation also contains a hint of Tea Tree essential oil; it is renowned for its natural, anti-bacterial properties to keep feet clean and fresh!