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Wednesday, July 31st, 2019

Coming up roses

Rose has long been known as an ingredient that instantly calms and soothes the skin. Learn more and find out which SP products contain this beautifying skin lover…

Rose flower

A rose water-based toner will suit any skin type, because it’s so gentle. Whether oily, dry, sensitive or normal, anyone can benefit from using rose in their toner as it’s a natural anti-inflammatory. What’s more, you can mix our Rose Water into your clients’ favourite face mask, instantly adding a prescriptive soothing dose to any treatment.

Using a scented wax acts as a great distraction for clients who feel less than comfortable during their appointment. Encourage your client to breathe deeply and focus on the delicate rose fragrance, while you carry out the treatment with our calming all-over Luxury Warm Wax with Rose. For strip-free waxing try our rose-scented Flexi Wax Pellets.

Luxury Warm Wax with Rose 425g

Eau de Cologne
During the warmer months, there’s nothing like a refreshing spritz of our Eau de Cologne to revive flagging spirits and muscles. A delicate blend of rose and orange waters, this soothing scent also contains moisturising properties. Apply after treatments such as massages, manis and pedis, or just spritz as necessary!

Essential Oil
Our sister brand Nature’s Way Aromatherapy has a wonderful Rose Absolute oil that instantly soothes and relaxes the mind. Add it to your favourite carrier oil to stimulate poor circulation, or blend into a detox mask to ensure it keeps skin calm. Remember; never use undiluted essential oils on the skin!

Image credit: charissekenion.com