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Monday, April 29th, 2019


For clients who like to squeeze in a quick sunbed session before their holidays, our UVA Accelerator Cream gives so many benefits. Read on to find out more about this pros-only product.

What’s in it? 

Peach kernel: This humble ingredient gives us a super-light oil that suits all skin types, therefore giving hydration where it’s really needed. Rich antioxidants C and E are found in Peach Kernel oil, making them your allies when it comes to slowing the signs of ageing down.

Cocoa butter: Rich in natural phytochemicals, Cocoa Butter truly is nature’s super-nourishing ingredient. Commonly thought to reduce signs of ageing by protecting the skin against the sun’s harmful UV rays, it’s also renowned for its moisture-boosting properties, and offers ultra-soothing softness.

What’s it good for?

Anyone who likes to use a sunbed but doesn’t want to spend too much time in it! This tan accelerator does what it says on the tin; it speeds up the tanning process, all while feeding the skin hydration and helping to reduce signs of ageing. It should only be used in conjunction with safe tanning.

Image Credit: Unsplash.com