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Wednesday, March 13th, 2019

Spring cleaning!

It doesn’t matter what makeup looks clients are planning to play with, or if they’re hoping to experiment with this acid or that oil if they’re not cleansing properly first. Meet the SP range of cleansers…

SP Skincare

Our skincare line has four signature cleansers; Normal/Dry, Dry/Plus+, Combination and Sensitive. Each cleanser has been designed to give a full, nourishing cleanse and can be used alone, or as a first cleanse. Spring can be a tough time for skin – the weather’s temperamental and often, so is your clients’ skin. A good option for confused skin is to use our Sensitive Cleanser; it’s gentle enough to not disturb the skin’s natural balance, but will cleanse skin thoroughly, leaving it ready for a hydrating treatment. For those with normally oily skin who are suddenly feeling a little dry, our Dry/Plus+ is a good, indulgent treat that cleanses without leaving any oily or greasy residue on the skin. A great way to ensure skin is super clean and ready for the next stage in a skincare regime, is to swipe over our best-selling Micellar Water Cleanser. Used daily it reduces build-up on the skin and is a great way to give skin an extra dose of hydration. No need to rinse; just swipe and move on to your favourite serum or moisturiser!

SP Facial Treatment

For a bespoke facial, it’s a good idea to prescribe a blend of some of our favourite ingredients. For clients who need an ultra-deep cleanse, try mixing our Kaolin Powder into a nourishing, detox facial. Kaolin is amazing for pulling dirt and debris from the skin, and forms the perfect canvas to apply a hydrating, or brightening treatment. For clients who need a little exfoliation along with a deep clean, add some of our Fine Oatmeal for gentle buffing. Finally, for those who need a little extra help in combatting oily areas, Fullers Earth is brilliant at absorbing oil and improving the tone of skin with long-term usage.

Photo Credit: Charissekenion.com