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Wednesday, January 2nd, 2019

One of our 5 a day!

So the New Year has officially arrived and it’s now dawning on us all that we need to start a little detox to treat our wined and turkey-dined bodies to a little TLC. We all want to be looking fabulous for whatever the New Year brings! What if I said this could be possible to achieve with one simple treatment using one of our beneficial Body Contour kits? Our popular Contour Gel contains many oils with outstanding and result driven properties to get you feeling healthier, slimmer and most importantly happier come January time!



1. T. tree oil

Tea tree oil is an essential oil as many of you know can be mixed with carrier oils for a range of aromatherapy treatments worldwide. What many of you might not know, is this oil has many functional properties. Not only does this oil contain great anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory extracts to help smooth skin but also has anti-fungal and anti-viral agents which aid in protecting your skin from infections.


2. Turmeric Oil

This wonderful little oil is used worldwide in skin care and medications. Similarly to the Tea Tree, it also has anti-inflammatory properties, however it is also a well-known stimulant for the metabolism which in turn helps us lose weight and improves blood circulation.


We want to know how it help our skin though, right? Well, research has shown that this oil aids in improving skin elasticity, helps protect skin from irritation and helps to naturally lighten uneven and ever stressful hyperpigmentation of the skin. Amazing!


3. Ginger oil

Fun fact- Ginger oil actually originates from the same plant family as the Turmeric oil and is known as the ‘oil of empowerment’. From extensive research, this oil is known for giving clients feelings such as courageousness and self-assurance. Again, this oil extract contains anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties with the added capability to maintain a healthier heart and help improve your respiratory system.


4. Cinnamon oil

So this oil is very result-driven and contains valuable properties which assist in weight loss! This is always great news when we’ve all scoffed one too many pigs in blankets! This beautifully scented oil can be used as part of an effective and useful remedy for inflammatory skin issues such as rashes and acne!


5. Aloe Vera gel

Nowadays, we’re all pretty clued up on Aloe Vera and its magical affect it has on our skin, but we still can’t stop screaming it from the roof tops! This soothing, luxurious gel accelerates the healing process of scars and burns; it also contains extracts that aid in anti-aging and helps reduce redness of the skin.


All of these oils are contained in our Contour Gel, or you could try out our whole Body Contour Kit for maximum effects!




Image Credit- Unsplash.com