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Monday, November 26th, 2018

I Woke Up Like This

Lash accessorizing has always been a massive movement in the beauty industry; we’ve taken inspiration from famed and celebrated faces like Cleopatra and Audrey Hepburn to help enhance and beautify our lashes and achieve a brighter, more attractive semblance… Of course we discovered a quick and easy way of intensifying our lashes with mascara, however now there are so many treatments out there in the lash market and beauty industry to maintain this desired look for longer with significantly more aesthetic results!




Vegan Friendly

Not only does our SP lash tints create glamorous, lasting lash looks but here at Bellitas Ltd we take our time and effort ensuring they’re formulated with the foremost, natural ingredients. The whole of our tints range is vegan friendly and comes in four different colours. Our current range consists of Black, Brown, Blue/Black and Grey to adapt to each client’s personal preference and result. Tinting your lashes can give that natural enhancement to brighten and open your eyes, making it the ideal treatment for before a vacation, an event or even every day if you desired.


Our SP tint is also famously used by our customers to perform treatments on client’s eyebrows too. Our Strictly Professional tints are perfect for a brow technician’s shelf! Everyone’s brow color varies, more so than colors used on our lashes, so our SP Eyelash Tinting Kit would be the ideal set up for day to day use (especially if you have an assembly of clients to do one after another)! If you’re training for Lash tinting or HD Brows, try our popular SP Eyelash Tint Training Kit.