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Monday, November 19th, 2018

Winter skincare treatments

Windy days and colder nights are well and truly here, and our skin is definitely feeling it! Read on to find out what you should be adding to your winter treatment menu.


While everyone’s thinking about their office party looks, no amount of makeup can disguise tired, dry or distressed skin. Advise your clients to have more makeup-free days, or, if that’s just not an option, encourage them to book in for regular facials, 4-6 weeks apart.

Allowing skin to breathe is key to achieving that glow we’re all after, so adding a detoxifying treatment to your winter menu is a great way to leave clients’ skin feeling clean, fresh and glowing. A great way to start a detox treatment is to clean the face with our Deep Cleansing Cream; it contains soothing lavender and nourishing cocoa butter for a deep clean. Then it’s time to address your clients’ needs: are they dry or are their sebaceous gland over-acting? Do they have areas of uncomfortable redness or are they experiencing skincare concerns that don’t usually affect them until the colder months kick in? Use our extensive SP skincare range alongside our range of facial products to create a bespoke solution. Using steam while applying our masks is a great way to really let the healing, calming ingredients get to work. Finish with a moisturiser that meets your clients’ immediate skincare needs.
Tip: Try mixing our Fine Oatmeal mixed into any of our face masks; it’s a great way to gently exfoliate the skin, before you leave the mask to work its magic.



Scaly skin is never a good look, and for some it can also mean a painful, tender autumn/winter. Extremely dry and scaly skin needs real care and attention from a professional, so invite clients in for a detoxifying and descaling session. Depending on the intensity of their skin complaint, you can prescribe a gentle, oil-based treatment, or apply a scrub infused with healing and calming ingredients. For clients who’d rather not scrub, try body brushing; it’s an amazing way of not only smoothing skin, and detoxifying it, but also prepping it to take in all of those gorgeous lotions and oils you’ll be applying at the end of the treatment.

Once the skin is effectively exfoliated it’s vital that it’s moisturised according to the clients’ needs, so opt for an oil or lotion that contains geranium or soothing chamomile, and follow up with a super hydrating body butter for clients who need that extra attention.
Tip: We love mixing some of our yummy Almond Oil into our best-selling Body Lotion with Cocoa Butter!


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