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Wednesday, November 7th, 2018

Made to measure

Winter is one of those times when our skin is not always true to type. By mixing and matching from the four skin type ranges within SP Skincare, you can create the perfect bespoke facial for each and every client.




For everyone

There’s no point pulling out all the stops when it comes to the products you use to create in a bespoke facial, if your clients’ face isn’t completely cleansed first. Way too often we see therapists doing a quick dip and swipe with a couple of cotton pads pre-facial; instead, you need to assess the skin. Is your client wearing makeup, or just a touch of SPF?
A full cleanse is essential, and a double cleanse always works. First apply our Cleanser for Combination Skin; it contains nourishing Avocado oil, which will swipe away dirt and any excess oil. Next, use our Micellar Water Cleanser to remove all traces of the first cleanse. Once all traces of makeup have been removed, it’s time to treat that skin!

Be specific

We’re in the final two months of the year, and what does that mean for most of us? Increased social activity! Those last-minute catch-ups with friends you haven’t seen all year, those countless after work drinks and of course, the office Christmas party, are all sources of fun, but they also signify more time spent drinking and indulging and less time spent taking care of our skin. Add to this the growing number of people admitting to feeling anxious about attending so many events, and it’s easy to understand why many of your clients are going through a breakout of some sort.
Clients with dry skin might be experiencing hormone-related acne, while clients with acne might be suffering from dry, patchy areas. Others with oily skin might be finding that those oil glands are going into overdrive and those suffering from Rosacea might reach the end of their skincare tether. The best way forward is to take a gentle approach. Talk to your clients about the issue that’s bothering them most, and prescribe a facial to suit. Find out what products they’re using at home; the winter is a time when many women switch to Retinoids and Acids, so be sure to work in facial products that work with what your client’s already using.







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