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Friday, October 26th, 2018

Trick then treat

Since originating from the Celtic festival of Samhain, where people lit bonfires and wore gruesome costumes to scare away ghosts, the holiday we know as Halloween has become an opportunity for those in the beauty industry to explore their talents to the full, creating gore-tastic Halloween looks. Here we share our fave SP products to ensure a skin-friendly time.

Clean tools = less breakouts
Without regular cleaning, your brushes can become dry and brittle, which not only renders them useless, but also damages the skin, especially as dirty brushes turn into a bacteria breeding ground.
Try: Our Makeup Brush Cleaner for a lovely, deep clean. It contains a gentle solvent that’s ideal for removing makeup build-up from brushes, keeping them soft. If you’re in between clients on this busy holiday, use our Makeup Brush Cleansing Spray to help loosen dirt and grease quickly and efficiently!


Taking it all off
Once the party’s over, it’s all about taking the makeup and face paint off, without any tugging or rubbing.
Try: Our popular Deep Cleansing Cream, which contains Lavender oil to help soothe and calm skin, and ultra-nourishing Shea Butter, which not only helps to reduce inflammation but also deeply moisturises and protects the skin. Perfect for a post-Halloween cleanse!


Image credit: unsplash.com

Photo Credit: charissekenion.com