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Tuesday, October 23rd, 2018

Patch Testing – a no-nonsense guide to how and when.

Here at SP we often get asked about the right and wrong way to carry out patch tests. While there’s always an element of ‘common sense’ when it comes to protecting your clients, and therefore protecting your business, we know that not everyone is aware of the how’s and most importantly, the why. Read on to catch up on the guidelines for the Strictly Professional Eyelash Tint Range.

Strictly Professional Eyelash Tints are one of the biggest-selling eyelash and brow tint ranges used by beauty professionals throughout the UK and Ireland. To keep the message brief: it is always recommended that patch tests be carried out prior to every treatment. We know that your clients might find it an inconvenience, and we know that some practitioners might even think that testing is wasteful, but nothing is more damaging to your reputation than that one time you don’t bother testing and your client has an awful reaction.


In the first instance, it’s important to carry out a patch test on every customer prior to their eyelash or brow tint treatments to ensure customer safety and comfort. In rare instances, regular treatments and use of dyes on the skin may result in an allergic reaction without warning, therefore it is best to be safe and test every single time.


Also, patch testing is necessary for any therapist to show compliance with the terms of their professional indemnity insurance requirements and to avoid any potentially awkward legal complications should patch testing not be carried out.


Where a client is reluctant to have a patch test, politely explain that it is not only for their own safety but also to protect you as a beauty professional and your business.


Strictly Professional Eyelash Tints are for professional use only.


Photo Credit: unsplash.com