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Thursday, October 11th, 2018

Everyone deserves great skin

No matter what the economy is going through, one thing’s for sure – we never stop spending money on taking care of our skin. And we’re not just talking about women; so far in 2018, 25 percent of men are spending around £20 per month on skincare products – not taking into account barber appointments and spa treatments. Here we’ve selected some of the most men-friendly products in the Strictly Professional skincare range.


#1 Micellar Water Cleanser

This product is still relatively new for us, but it’s already proven to be a major hit with women and men. We put this down to how its gentle formula keeps skin feeling clean and soft, with zero tightness. Slowly but surely, men are learning that astringent products aren’t always the best way to keep spots at bay. As a beauty therapist, you’re in prime position to show your male clients how a gentle, consistent cleansing method is the best way to ensure soft skin. Show them how to use the Micellar Water Cleanser all over, ahead of their usual face wash, and they’ll soon see the results.


#2 Facial Exfoliant

Everyone needs a physical exfoliant in their skincare arsenal, men even more so! Without proper exfoliation, there is an increased risk of ingrown hairs, which can often result in swollen pimples, and worse still, infected areas that can often lead to long-term scarring. There’s no need to exfoliate every day, but if your male clients prefer to use it daily, our gentle formula means they won’t over-scrub. With peach oil to keep skin smooth, and natural olive stone granules ensuring effective exfoliation, this is a brilliant addition to any man’s bathroom shelf. There’s also a Sensitive option, with soothing Aloe.

#3 Face Mask
Type in #manmask or #mangrooming on Instagram and you’ll see thousands of men taking the concepts of ‘me time’ and ‘self care’ more seriously. Masking is a great way to improve your skin, but also, it means you have to sit down for 10-20 minutes, and in our increasingly hectic lives, there’s nothing wrong with that!
Within our SP range there are four masks to suit each skin type. For Normal to Dry skin there’s softening Cotton and Blue Lotus Flower; for Combination, there’s Purple Ginseng and White Tea; for those with mature skin there’s our Dry/Plus range featuring nourishing Starflower, and for Sensitive types there’s Mallow Flower and Aloe.


Photo Credit- TristanEves.com

Imagery: charissekenion.com