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Thursday, January 23rd, 2020


Let’s face it, we all love to be up to date with the latest news; what’s Strictly Professional’s top selling product? What up and coming trends do we all need to keep our eyes peeled for at the next beauty show?! From enveloping your mind with knowledge comes power and success and let’s be honest, it just feels good to be in the ‘know’! To simplify this process for you, we have broken down some of our top frequently asked questions…

How many treatments do you get out of SP products?

 It’s like asking ‘how long is a piece of string?’ There is a LOT of variables to consider; it all depends on:

What type of product are you using? -The type, the measurement, as well as the thickness or how diluted and flowing the actual product is, plays a tremendous difference on how many treatments the product can complete.

More diluted products E.G: Micellar Water may spread further, however equally, might dissolve quicker into the applicator. Thicker products E.G: Petroleum Jelly will portray the opposite effects, avoiding wastage but will not spread as far (what a tug of war!)

What treatments do you perform? -You could use our popular new Massage oil with Extra Virgin Olive Oil for a foot massage spa treatment or you could be giving somebody a full body massage; it really just depends on the type of treatment and the size of area being treated as to how long this product would last.

We’ve discovered each talented beautician in this vast industry has their own take on treatments and personalise them to adapt to their client’s needs. As a guidance tool we have generated a ML per PUMP spreadsheet to give you indication on how long a certain product will last you.

Are your products Vegan Friendly?

We do have a broad selection of vegan friendly products within our Strictly Professional range, however please advise that not ALL of our SP products are vegan friendly just YET.

Veganism is a huge movement in completely the right direction, especially in the cosmetic and beauty industry. We hope to expand our range of Vegan Friendly products in the near future.

Here is list of all the Vegan Friendly Products we have in our current ranges so far including the whole of our skincare range…

Also, please don’t get confused between Vegan Friendly and Cruelty-Free; ALL of Strictly Professionals products are Cruelty Free.

Which products contain nuts?

You may be nuts about beauty products, but unfortunately nuts aren’t always a fan of you! For these unlucky people who are equally as deserving to treat themselves to a beauty treatment or need to perform a treatment on a client with a nut allergy, you can all relax…

Please see link which indicates which of our SP products have nuts in and to steer clear of. If in doubt, always check with your medical advisor first!

Which products should I avoid during pregnancy?

Beauty really comes into play when a women is pregnant; nothing is more glowing! This may not relate to how women actually feel inside during these tough 9 months; with your body under such strain, it’s important to look after yourself!

Here’s a list of ALL of our products to avoid depending on which trimester you’re in. If you’re in doubt, always check with your medical advisor first!

What is the minimum age for tinting treatments?

We understand they’re some juxtaposing rules which differ from one another with this question. A lot of Beauticians refer to their insurance to answer this question, however most insurances will prove void if you did not follow the advice of the manufacturer/supplier.

Strictly Professional advise that 16 is the minimum age limit for these type of products and patch testing should be actioned EVERY single time 48 hours prior. Best to be safe than sorry when it comes to your clients health, wellbeing and your business’s reputability.

For more information, please click the link to our Patch Testing Blog.

COSHH Data Safety Sheets?

We have made our lovely clients’ lives easier with full access to COSHH Data Sheets for all of our Strictly Professional products. If you ever need guidance of ingredients or more technical information regarding any of our products, this is simply a click away!

You can also download imagery of our products from the link below; enter our product code or product description and you will have everything you need at your fingertips!

What’s the expiry Date?

Truth is, good things can’t last forever! Each of our products have an image, as seen below as an example, to indicate how long a product will last once opened.

12 Months once opened

There we have it, we’re all in the know now! If in doubt and have any further questions or require some advice, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our Customer Service Advisors on 01543 416 611 or email ‘ info@strictlyprofessional.co.uk‘.

Imagery: Unsplash.com

Photo Credit: Daisy.Beth.Smith

Wednesday, January 15th, 2020

Soothing skincare for winter

After Christmas, warm sunny days still seem a long way off, so whilst many of us are just planning our summer holidays, read on to find out how SP Skincare products can fit into a winter skincare regime.

Facial skincare During winter months, skin is subjected to more extreme fluctuations in temperature from central heating mixed with cold outdoor temperatures. As a result, skin can become more sensitised, needing a more calming and soothing approach.

It’s always important to assess a skin’s care needs and use appropriate products; SP Skincare’s cleansers, toners, moisturisers and masks suit four broadly different skin types – normal to dry skin, combination skin, extra dry (dry+) and sensitive skins.

It’s also the time of year to encourage clients to be extra gentle with their skin and take regular facials every 4-6 weeks. Our extensive SP skincare range alongside our range of facial products can help to create a tailor-made solution. Our face mask starter kit contains powders and flower waters for mixing bespoke masks to meet clients’ individual skin needs.

Tip: Try mixing our Fine Oatmeal powder (SPB0474) into any of the SP Skincare face masks for an additional gentle exfoliation

For an even more holistic approach…Don’t forget, our sister brand Nature’s Way Aromatherapy also has an amazing range of essential oils and blended oils for providing a therapeutic, bespoke approach to face and body care.

Thursday, October 31st, 2019

Skin Ghouls!

It’s that time of year again when the pumpkins are out and the costumes are on; the innovative, the creative and the talented all collide with spectacular outfits, hair dos and make up art to compete for the spookiest and most authentic looks around! But let’s creep it real, once it’s time to take the Halloween masks off, it’s the perfect time to give the face a boost of the skincare ingredients it needs to restore balance and look and feel at its glowing best…

Perfect For All!

This autumn, our Strictly Professional Face Mask Starter Kit packaging has been modernised with a fresh, updated new look to make it a perfect new fit to the stock shelf! The kit contains our professional quality SP Skincare powders, flower waters and toners to create a tailored face mask blend that can help to soothe and diminish everyday skin concerns for a diversity of skin types including dry autumn skin, oily spot and blemish prone skin and sensitive skin.

Skin Saving Spell!

Ever woken up and had blotchy red skin? Unwanted pimples or whiteheads? Dry patches? We can all agree there is nothing more terrifying than feeling out of control of your skin’s health and aesthetic. Our Strictly Professional Face Mask Starter Kit provides the perfect ingredients for a skin perfecting spell to add to your cauldron…

Witch Hazel and Fullers Earth work together effectively to battle skin irritation, help fight acne pimples and treat oily skin. These pair are known as ‘oil absorbers’ and are renowned for their anti-inflammation properties.

Calamine Powder contributes many factors, mainly aiding in lightening dark spots or uneven skin tone and hydrating the face (resulting in an over-all improved complexion and texture to the skin).

Lastly we have Kaolin, which acts as a natural detoxifier and exfoliator which is great for removal of dead and dry skin.

Image Credit: Unsplash.com and Daisy.Beth.Smith

Tuesday, September 10th, 2019

IPA – Strictly essential for the salon

While IPAs are getting a lot of press lately, we’re not talking about the style of beer, but in fact, another kind of alcohol…

Rubbing Alcohol, also known as IPA, has been keeping salons and spas clean and fresh for years. If you’re in the beauty business and want to stay in business, you’re no doubt aware that hygiene is probably the most important part of your business. It doesn’t matter how creative your nail, beauty or hair creations are; if cleanliness isn’t a priority, your clients will notice and go elsewhere.

The great thing about Strictly Professional rubbing alcohol (IPA) is that it is a quick and easy-to-use product that can clean and sanitise in a wide range of environments and on a variety of surfaces.

IPA 500ml and 1 litre refill

In the salon/spa: Use IPA to clean your till screens, as well as all keyboards, tablets and phones used by your team and/or customers. Did you know that the average person touches their phone around 3,000 times per day? Yes, you read that right. Suffice to say, cleaning your mobile phone needs to be a twice a day event, more frequently when you’re working in a client-facing industry.

IPA is also ideal for cleaning most other surfaces around the salon – it’s perfect for removing hairspray residue from mirrors and even sticky wax residue from salon surfaces. Bonus tip: use it to remove those annoying marks left behind by sticky labels.

On the beauty counter: Sanitise your makeup products in between clients, thin out nail varnishes and re-hydrate dried-out mascara and cream or gel eyeshadows with this wonder product.

Revive dried out eyeshadows

You can also bring broken bronzers, powder eyeshadows and blushers back to life with IPA. Although they might not look the same, they’ll work exactly the same! Simply apply a few drops of IPA to the product surface, mixing it in gently with your finger so it appears smooth. Then apply a few more drops and leave it to dry to a creamy consistency – about 10 minutes or so. Then, using a butter knife, smooth the surface over. Next, take a piece of kitchen towel and, pressing down with a firm object such as a lid, smooth over the entire product and it will be almost as good as new!

For general use: There are so many ways to use IPA in the hospitality world: from cleaning counter tops, work surfaces, cupboard doors and light switches, to disinfecting metal door handles and fixtures and removing fingerprints and water marks from chrome and ceramic sinks. It’s also great for removing marker pen scribbles and for removing strong food smells from hands!

If you’re not using it already, try it today and see for yourself.

NB: Test before use on porous materials. Keep out of the reach of children.

Wednesday, July 31st, 2019

Coming up roses

Rose has long been known as an ingredient that instantly calms and soothes the skin. Learn more and find out which SP products contain this beautifying skin lover…

Rose flower

A rose water-based toner will suit any skin type, because it’s so gentle. Whether oily, dry, sensitive or normal, anyone can benefit from using rose in their toner as it’s a natural anti-inflammatory. What’s more, you can mix our Rose Water into your clients’ favourite face mask, instantly adding a prescriptive soothing dose to any treatment.

Using a scented wax acts as a great distraction for clients who feel less than comfortable during their appointment. Encourage your client to breathe deeply and focus on the delicate rose fragrance, while you carry out the treatment with our calming all-over Luxury Warm Wax with Rose. For strip-free waxing try our rose-scented Flexi Wax Pellets.

Luxury Warm Wax with Rose 425g

Eau de Cologne
During the warmer months, there’s nothing like a refreshing spritz of our Eau de Cologne to revive flagging spirits and muscles. A delicate blend of rose and orange waters, this soothing scent also contains moisturising properties. Apply after treatments such as massages, manis and pedis, or just spritz as necessary!

Essential Oil
Our sister brand Nature’s Way Aromatherapy has a wonderful Rose Absolute oil that instantly soothes and relaxes the mind. Add it to your favourite carrier oil to stimulate poor circulation, or blend into a detox mask to ensure it keeps skin calm. Remember; never use undiluted essential oils on the skin!

Image credit: charissekenion.com