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Tuesday, August 7th, 2018

Sodium Hyaluronate – what is it??

While Hyaluronic Acid is having a major moment right now in the beauty industry, we’ve been using it in the salt-like form of Sodium Hyaluronate for a while across our skincare range. Read on to find out more about this truly magical ingredient.


What is Sodium Hyaluronate?
It’s the salt of Hyaluronic Acid and has a much smaller molecule size. This gives it the ability to absorb into the skin, making lotions and creams far more likely to get to work beneath the outer layers of the skin. In the long run it helps skin and hair to retain moisture, while reducing the premature signs of ageing and environmental damage.

Image Credit: Unsplash.com


What does it do?
Sodium Hyaluronate is actually very similar to the fluid that surrounds our joints, keeping them lubricated – and it treats skin and hair in much the same way. As an anti-ageing treatment, it’s also injected directly into the skin by licensed practitioners, to restore fullness to the face in areas where volume has declined.


Why is it so popular?
As more and more of us look for products that contain natural ingredients, Sodium Hyaluronate totally fits the bill, as it actually already exists within the dermis of our skin. It’s non-toxic and won’t irritate the skin, making it the perfect solution for those looking to improve their skin in a gentle, natural way.

Image Credit: Unsplash.com


We use Sodium Hyaluronate in our products because we know it allows all our carefully chosen ingredients to easily penetrate the skin – so if you’re an SP fan it’s highly likely it’s on your skin right now!

Wednesday, July 18th, 2018

So versatile – so refreshing

We’ve got a fab multi-tasking secret weapon to add to your arsenal, for you and your clients!

It’s that kind of weather where, after being out of the house for less than an hour, you feel like you’re due for another shower already. Whether you drive yourself to work, or use public transport, you often arrive feeling less than fresh. Now, add to that your actual work day; whether sitting at a desk or having a full day of mani/pedi clients ahead, and it’s easy to see why you’d be looking for some ways to feel refreshed.

Our Eau de Cologne is infused with softening, hydrating rose and cleansing and invigorating lemon and orange waters, making it the perfect go-to for an instant wake-up. As well as giving you a boost, it also makes an excellent finishing spritz for barbers. By the end of a new haircut, men are often feeling a little hot around the collar, especially if they’ve squeezed their hair appointment into their lunch break. After spritzing our Eau de Cologne around the nape, and lightly over the face, encourage your client to breathe in the uplifting fragrance for a few seconds. Not only will it cool them down, it will leave them feeling ready for the next task at hand.


Other ways to use it: Apply to cotton pads and swipe away the day from your face and neck, or decant into a smaller spray bottle to spritz your hands in between massage clients. Alternatively, use as a final refresh for manicure and pedicure clients.


Image credit: charissekenion.com


Monday, July 2nd, 2018


Our sister brand Nature’s Way has launched three fabulous blended body oils; read on to find out how they heal.





Key ingredients: Juniper and Palmarosa

What it does: You might not realise it, but Juniper is a heavy-hitter in the aromatherapy world. Over decades, Juniper has been known as an antiseptic, anti-rheumatic and astringent, amongst many other things! When it comes to the skin, it’s amazing for detoxifying, relaxing muscle aches and soothing skin flare-ups, but is also great for massage of the stomach area, as it helps to relieve bloating. Partnered with hydrating Palmarosa, these two ingredients work together to restore skin health and harmony.




Muscle Release

Key ingredients: Lavender and Bergamot

What it does: Lavender has long been known as a powerful herb that can speed up healing, but it’s also great for eliminating tension, relieving pain and enhancing blood circulation. In this blended relaxing oil, it’s partnered with Bergamot, an ingredient often called upon by the fragrance world. As well as smelling sweet, Bergamot also happens to be a natural cleanser. Not only that, but its energizing citrus fragrance is known to help ease the mind. A great oil for clients coming in at the end of a long day.




Skin Tone

Key ingredients: Frankincense, Lavender and Lemongrass

What it does: Frankincense has become something of a skincare powerhouse; not only does it act as an astringent, it’s well-known for its ability to improve the skin’s elasticity and suppleness and can even claim to tighten and lift skin. In this oil we’ve blended it with Lavender – for increasing circulation – and Lemongrass, known as nature’s glow-giver!



Juniper and Lavender  – Unsplash.com

Product Image – charissekenion.com

Monday, June 11th, 2018

Naked for summer!


Okay, there’s really nothing to see here; we’re just talking about naked nails!


Having your nails done has long changed from being a treat, to a regular requirement. More and more we are spending time and money on making our hands look prettier, but no amount of gels or polish can improve on a beautiful, natural nail. Every now and then it’s good to give our nails a chance to breathe. Here’s how to take care of your clients when it’s time for them to give the semi-permanent options a break.


Prepare and prime

Once you have removed your clients’ semi-permanent polish or acrylics and removed cuticles, now is the time to really take care of the skin on their hands. Our hands undergo so much wear and tear, as well as environmental factors such as UV rays, and yet we rarely give them the same care and attention that we would lavish on our faces. Apply a skin scrub to not only remove dry skin, but also encourage blood flow and collagen production. Physical scrubs aren’t the only way to remove dead skin; you can also try an exfoliating peel, which is great for skin-brightening, especially around the knuckle areas. Be sure to follow the instructions to the letter, as peels often involve acids which can cause sensitivity issues for some clients.

Nourish and protect

Once you have rinsed away any exfoliating products, pat the hands dry gently, before massaging in a light moisturising oil. Oil is a great way to lock in moisture, keeps cuticles soft and is also a great base for the next product: a super luxurious cream. Ask the client if there are any particular issues they are concerned about, such as pigmentation or ageing, and choose a lotion or cream that will help in these areas. Once you’ve massaged the product in, top It up with a layer of SPF – at least SPF30 – and advise your clients to make this part of their daily beauty routine. We often neglect the skin on our hands so making SPF a part of a daily routine means hands are protected with just a few seconds of attention.

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Thursday, May 31st, 2018

Soothing and healing


May has really been a month of innovations for us! Not only have we recently launched our fabulous Micellar Water Cleanser; we’re also launching two brand new body gels.


Arnica Gel

Arnica is often called nature’s own anti-inflammatory and is renowned for its ability to reduce swelling. Adding this gel to your kit means you can assist with relieving clients who have experienced sprains, strains, bruising and fractures. Arnica speeds up the healing process, prompting your body to send more white blood cells to the site of an injury, to ‘clean up’ and heal the bruise.

Perfect for: clients who are athletes or indulge in sporting activities on a regular basis. Clients suffering from post-surgical swelling.

Aloe Gel

In this day and age, it’s easy to assume that Aloe Vera needs no introduction! For decades we’ve been relying on this little green plant for everything from treating constipation, easing digestion, boosting our immune system, easing our sunburn and delicately taking care of any rashes and burns. Just like Arnica, Aloe has powerful anti-inflammatory properties, so it’s a great addition for clients suffering from bumps and bruises.

Perfect for: adding at the end of a full body treatment; after clients have been massaged, aloe can provide a wonderful, cooling finish. It’s also amazing for the skin and can be used on a daily basis.

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Imagery:  charissekenion.com.