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Thursday, May 10th, 2018

Something New!


If you’ve not caught up with our social posts this week, you might have missed our big announcement; we’ve just launched our first Micellar Water Cleanser, answering the call from many of our professional clients.


So, what is Micellar Water?

Micellar Water is made up of tiny balls of cleansing oil molecules, otherwise known as ‘micelles’. Micelles are attracted to dirt and oil, so they are able to draw out impurities without leaving the skin dry. Its ability to draw out dirt means Micellar Water lends itself to cleansing, removing makeup and moisturising, all at once. Those with dry and/or sensitive skin can find micellar cleansing particularly suitable, as the waters contain zero alcohol, while those with oilier skin should use Micellar Water after cleansing, to ensure their skin is thoroughly cleansed, almost like using a toner.

Why it’s time

You’d have to have been living under a rock not to have seen how Micellar Waters have swept through the consumer beauty market over the past few years. Every brand on the high street has their own range of micellar water cleansing products, from face wipes to toners, but when it comes to the professional side of the industry, the options are few.


Where can you find Strictly Professional’s Micellar Water Cleanser?

At all leading beauty wholesalers, including Capital Hair and Beauty and Ellisons  – but if you can’t see it, be sure to ask for it!





Imagery: charissekenion.com

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2018

Drink up!

For some years now, we’ve been told that a ‘little bit of what you fancy’ and ‘all things in moderation’ are words to live by, especially when it comes to alcohol. But recently, even more findings are emerging as to how a glass of wine can aid everything from digestion to how our skin looks.


While we don’t quite know if we believe the University of Alberta’s claims that a glass of red wine a day is as healthy as a trip to the gym (!), we do know that Resveratrol, naturally found in red wine, has long been used in skincare products and is also known for improving our heart function and muscle strength. It’s known as one of the most potent antioxidants out there, and as well as being found in Malbec and Muscadine grapes, it’s also found in another crowd-pleaser: cacao beans (AKA chocolate).


Not only is wine said to keep our hearts and skin healthy, it’s long been suspected that drinking it is good for our colons, mostly due to the high levels of polyphenols – protective antibiotics formed in plants, that help the body to defend itself against damaging free radicals. More recently, it’s been suggested that polyphenols improve overall health by interacting with bacteria in the gut. Gut health is increasingly being linked with everything from how we feel to how our skin looks, and, interestingly, those suffering from eczema and other skin conditions have been shown to have poor gut health. So, while downing a bottle every night won’t give you that Chrissy Teigen-esque glow, a glass a day could definitely do your body good. And we’ll drink to that!


Image: Unsplash.com

Tuesday, March 6th, 2018



Whoop! We’ve been entered into the National Beauty Awards 2018!


When we first launched our SP skincare range, we had some serious goals to achieve. We knew it was time to create a range that would meet several demands, not least the demand for a skincare range that met the requirements of a growing vegan consumer base.


Add to this our desire to create a range that delivered results as well as on cost, and we had a pretty tough mountain to climb. We spent over a year researching the right ingredients to cater to four key skincare groups: Dry/Plus+, Combination, Sensitive and Normal and the feedback from customers has been nothing short of amazing.

To be nominated in the Best Organic or Natural Skincare category at the National Beauty Awards means so much to us, and we truly believe we have brought something new to the vegan skincare market.


Voting for the awards has already begun, so if you love the SP Skincare range we would be honoured if you would take the time to cast a vote for us. Simply visit voting.beautyserve.com/ and let them know you love SP. Voting closes Monday 30th April; only one submission will be accepted per email address. Fingers crossed!


Thursday, March 1st, 2018

Big day prep!

The wedding industry is about to hit its busiest time of year; spring brides will start saying ‘I do’ in their thousands, and those planning to get married over the summer will be nailing down all the last details. Some of the most important details shouldn’t be left until last; prepping the skin – and everywhere else – is vital in order to make a bride feel her best on the big day. Here’s our guide to ensuring your client is aisle-ready from head to toe.



At least six months ahead of the big day is a good time for your client to start paying a little more attention than usual. Having a consultation with your bridal clients is the first step to ensuring that what you’ve been doing (if she’s a regular) is delivering. If she’s a brand new client, ask if she has any problem areas, and how she wants her skin to look and feel. Then it’s all about prescribing a regime of facials and potentially an entirely new skincare line. Starting six months ahead gives you time to experiment – just make sure your client doesn’t try and book in for a facial the week before she walks down the aisle: that’s a major no-no! As well as switching to a new product range, you can’t beat that age-old advice: drink more water, all the time. It’s not only good for skin, but also helps eyes stay puff-free and keeps lips hydrated.


It’s all about exfoliation! As well as booking your clients in for a monthly head-to-toe scrub, advise them to take away a scrub and/or loofah, so that they can work on problem areas every other day. It’s also a great idea to encourage clients to treat themselves to lymphatic drainage massage – it’s amazing for getting rid of water weight and keeping things firm – as well as regular body wraps.


The feet are often neglected, especially in the colder months, but if your bride is planning on exposing her toes – and even if she isn’t – at least three months ahead of the wedding is a good time to start a dedicated foot regime. Good foot care starts with regular attention via scrubs and a pumice stone to work away at that tired, dry, sometimes cracked skin. Once you’ve scrubbed away dead skin, treat your clients’ feet to a nourishing layer of moisturiser and put on some socks to keep hydration locked in. You can show them how to do this for themselves at home too – the more care that is given, the less likely the feet are to blister come the big day!

Image: unsplash.com/@caytonheath

Tuesday, February 6th, 2018

Prepping for Spring


Okay, we’re getting ahead of ourselves just a tiny bit, but nothing’s wrong with a bit of forward-planning, right? Here are our top four tips for getting you and your clients ready for Spring, one of the most temperamental times of the year when it comes to skin.


Get scrubbing

It’s time to slough off that dead skin that’s built up over the winter months – although, if you’re a skin pro, you’ve no doubt been exfoliating all along! Add a new step to your beauty routine by using an enzyme-rich mask, followed by a hydrating mask, up to three times a week to get brighter skin. Or, invest in a few sessions of microdermabrasion at your favourite spa – the results are instant, and after just two treatments, your skin will be glowing. Don’t forget, as a beauty therapist, your skin is your best advertisement.

Lighten up

In the winter months we tend to treat our skin to seriously hydrating and nourishing products, thanks to new patches of dryness or redness. But as the weather slowly begins to improve, your skin will start to crave lighter formulas. If you love a day cream from a certain brand, why not try a lighter lotion from the same product range, or even an oil-free version? In a nutshell, it’s still about layering products, but creams are best saved for night-time rejuvenation.


Never forget

Sunscreen! Think about it; Spring is that month where you head out to work and all of a sudden, the sun appears, as if from nowhere. You’re instantly blinded, but of course, you’re also happy. You want to bask in that light for just a little bit longer. It’s been proven that the sun is a real mood-booster, and that’s fine, just make sure you are wearing your SPF – at least SPF30. Today’s spray formulas mean you don’t have to worry about ruining your makeup when you reapply – and reapply you must, regularly. That ultra-bright sun brings us to our next point…


Eyes right

All that sun coming through your windscreen or while you’re out on a walk might make you feel good, but it’s also likely to make you squint, which basically means more wrinkles. As well as an SPF, give your eyes a little more attention by investing in an eyecream. As with most skincare products, do your research and find a cream that suits your needs – dark circles, puffiness etc. It’s always a good idea to ask for samples too!



Image via unsplash.com/@meric