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Monday, November 26th, 2018

I Woke Up Like This

Lash accessorizing has always been a massive movement in the beauty industry; we’ve taken inspiration from famed and celebrated faces like Cleopatra and Audrey Hepburn to help enhance and beautify our lashes and achieve a brighter, more attractive semblance… Of course we discovered a quick and easy way of intensifying our lashes with mascara, however now there are so many treatments out there in the lash market and beauty industry to maintain this desired look for longer with significantly more aesthetic results!




Vegan Friendly

Not only does our SP lash tints create glamorous, lasting lash looks but here at Bellitas Ltd we take our time and effort ensuring they’re formulated with the foremost, natural ingredients. The whole of our tints range is vegan friendly and comes in four different colours. Our current range consists of Black, Brown, Blue/Black and Grey to adapt to each client’s personal preference and result. Tinting your lashes can give that natural enhancement to brighten and open your eyes, making it the ideal treatment for before a vacation, an event or even every day if you desired.


Our SP tint is also famously used by our customers to perform treatments on client’s eyebrows too. Our Strictly Professional tints are perfect for a brow technician’s shelf! Everyone’s brow color varies, more so than colors used on our lashes, so our SP Eyelash Tinting Kit would be the ideal set up for day to day use (especially if you have an assembly of clients to do one after another)! If you’re training for Lash tinting or HD Brows, try our popular SP Eyelash Tint Training Kit.



Monday, November 19th, 2018

Winter skincare treatments

Windy days and colder nights are well and truly here, and our skin is definitely feeling it! Read on to find out what you should be adding to your winter treatment menu.


While everyone’s thinking about their office party looks, no amount of makeup can disguise tired, dry or distressed skin. Advise your clients to have more makeup-free days, or, if that’s just not an option, encourage them to book in for regular facials, 4-6 weeks apart.

Allowing skin to breathe is key to achieving that glow we’re all after, so adding a detoxifying treatment to your winter menu is a great way to leave clients’ skin feeling clean, fresh and glowing. A great way to start a detox treatment is to clean the face with our Deep Cleansing Cream; it contains soothing lavender and nourishing cocoa butter for a deep clean. Then it’s time to address your clients’ needs: are they dry or are their sebaceous gland over-acting? Do they have areas of uncomfortable redness or are they experiencing skincare concerns that don’t usually affect them until the colder months kick in? Use our extensive SP skincare range alongside our range of facial products to create a bespoke solution. Using steam while applying our masks is a great way to really let the healing, calming ingredients get to work. Finish with a moisturiser that meets your clients’ immediate skincare needs.
Tip: Try mixing our Fine Oatmeal mixed into any of our face masks; it’s a great way to gently exfoliate the skin, before you leave the mask to work its magic.



Scaly skin is never a good look, and for some it can also mean a painful, tender autumn/winter. Extremely dry and scaly skin needs real care and attention from a professional, so invite clients in for a detoxifying and descaling session. Depending on the intensity of their skin complaint, you can prescribe a gentle, oil-based treatment, or apply a scrub infused with healing and calming ingredients. For clients who’d rather not scrub, try body brushing; it’s an amazing way of not only smoothing skin, and detoxifying it, but also prepping it to take in all of those gorgeous lotions and oils you’ll be applying at the end of the treatment.

Once the skin is effectively exfoliated it’s vital that it’s moisturised according to the clients’ needs, so opt for an oil or lotion that contains geranium or soothing chamomile, and follow up with a super hydrating body butter for clients who need that extra attention.
Tip: We love mixing some of our yummy Almond Oil into our best-selling Body Lotion with Cocoa Butter!


Don’t forget…
Our sister brand Nature’s Way Aromatherapy has an amazing range of oils to soothe tired limbs, revitalise over-worked spirits and get everyone in a happy, healthy, festive mood!

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Wednesday, November 7th, 2018

Made to measure

Winter is one of those times when our skin is not always true to type. By mixing and matching from the four skin type ranges within SP Skincare, you can create the perfect bespoke facial for each and every client.




For everyone

There’s no point pulling out all the stops when it comes to the products you use to create in a bespoke facial, if your clients’ face isn’t completely cleansed first. Way too often we see therapists doing a quick dip and swipe with a couple of cotton pads pre-facial; instead, you need to assess the skin. Is your client wearing makeup, or just a touch of SPF?
A full cleanse is essential, and a double cleanse always works. First apply our Cleanser for Combination Skin; it contains nourishing Avocado oil, which will swipe away dirt and any excess oil. Next, use our Micellar Water Cleanser to remove all traces of the first cleanse. Once all traces of makeup have been removed, it’s time to treat that skin!

Be specific

We’re in the final two months of the year, and what does that mean for most of us? Increased social activity! Those last-minute catch-ups with friends you haven’t seen all year, those countless after work drinks and of course, the office Christmas party, are all sources of fun, but they also signify more time spent drinking and indulging and less time spent taking care of our skin. Add to this the growing number of people admitting to feeling anxious about attending so many events, and it’s easy to understand why many of your clients are going through a breakout of some sort.
Clients with dry skin might be experiencing hormone-related acne, while clients with acne might be suffering from dry, patchy areas. Others with oily skin might be finding that those oil glands are going into overdrive and those suffering from Rosacea might reach the end of their skincare tether. The best way forward is to take a gentle approach. Talk to your clients about the issue that’s bothering them most, and prescribe a facial to suit. Find out what products they’re using at home; the winter is a time when many women switch to Retinoids and Acids, so be sure to work in facial products that work with what your client’s already using.







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Friday, October 26th, 2018

Trick then treat

Since originating from the Celtic festival of Samhain, where people lit bonfires and wore gruesome costumes to scare away ghosts, the holiday we know as Halloween has become an opportunity for those in the beauty industry to explore their talents to the full, creating gore-tastic Halloween looks. Here we share our fave SP products to ensure a skin-friendly time.

Clean tools = less breakouts
Without regular cleaning, your brushes can become dry and brittle, which not only renders them useless, but also damages the skin, especially as dirty brushes turn into a bacteria breeding ground.
Try: Our Makeup Brush Cleaner for a lovely, deep clean. It contains a gentle solvent that’s ideal for removing makeup build-up from brushes, keeping them soft. If you’re in between clients on this busy holiday, use our Makeup Brush Cleansing Spray to help loosen dirt and grease quickly and efficiently!


Taking it all off
Once the party’s over, it’s all about taking the makeup and face paint off, without any tugging or rubbing.
Try: Our popular Deep Cleansing Cream, which contains Lavender oil to help soothe and calm skin, and ultra-nourishing Shea Butter, which not only helps to reduce inflammation but also deeply moisturises and protects the skin. Perfect for a post-Halloween cleanse!


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Photo Credit: charissekenion.com

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2018

Patch Testing – a no-nonsense guide to how and when.

Here at SP we often get asked about the right and wrong way to carry out patch tests. While there’s always an element of ‘common sense’ when it comes to protecting your clients, and therefore protecting your business, we know that not everyone is aware of the how’s and most importantly, the why. Read on to catch up on the guidelines for the Strictly Professional Eyelash Tint Range.

Strictly Professional Eyelash Tints are one of the biggest-selling eyelash and brow tint ranges used by beauty professionals throughout the UK and Ireland. To keep the message brief: it is always recommended that patch tests be carried out prior to every treatment. We know that your clients might find it an inconvenience, and we know that some practitioners might even think that testing is wasteful, but nothing is more damaging to your reputation than that one time you don’t bother testing and your client has an awful reaction.


In the first instance, it’s important to carry out a patch test on every customer prior to their eyelash or brow tint treatments to ensure customer safety and comfort. In rare instances, regular treatments and use of dyes on the skin may result in an allergic reaction without warning, therefore it is best to be safe and test every single time.


Also, patch testing is necessary for any therapist to show compliance with the terms of their professional indemnity insurance requirements and to avoid any potentially awkward legal complications should patch testing not be carried out.


Where a client is reluctant to have a patch test, politely explain that it is not only for their own safety but also to protect you as a beauty professional and your business.


Strictly Professional Eyelash Tints are for professional use only.


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